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smartContract Process FlowYour complete Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

In the digital age of today, paper-based contracts make ones job a bit frustrating while searching for the right contract through filing cabinets or employee desks. Bottlenecks arise in your manual contract management process but you are not sure where? There is no standardized contract request or execution process and lack of contract status visibility means missed revenue opportunities and increased contract compliance risks?

smartContract assists you to overcome the above challenges by automating your contract management lifecycle from Contract Requests, Approvals, Contract Drafting, Negotiations, Contract Executions to Obligation and Risk Management.

smartContract automates workflows by integrating paper and digital documents into a centralized database for your contract management. The tracking and reporting capabilities simplify audit procedures to support management and regulatory compliance requirements for your workflow processes.

The best practice-driven smartContract solution is built on a dynamic, flexible and scalable architecture that can replicate your existing business processes and address the needs of businesses of any size and complexity.

smartContract – contract management system can be flexibly delivered as a SaaS, cloud or on-premise solution.



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Managing Director

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