Contract Drafting

Seamlessly Collaborate for Contract Authoring with Word Plugin

A flexible authoring environment, seamlessly integrated with the contract repository, goes a long way towards accelerating and controlling the contract creation process and improving collaboration between stakeholders.

smartContract features a unique – smartContract Workspace™ that helps your Legal team to seamlessly collaborate on contract drafting, red-lining, versioning, negotiation, the ability to compare iterations, and a complete revision history, as well as access to a central library of preapproved clauses and terms. With smartContract you can automatically add or remove clauses based on criteria and completely format & style your documents using the Microsoft Word capabilities. Integration with the contract repository and its preapproved language library simplifies clause and term selection and ensures consistency and adherence to established guidelines.
Legal Contract assignments are carried out using our dynamic ‘Turnaround Time (TAT)’ calculation before contract drafting assignments to any Legal User, which brings in more efficiency and productivity.
smartContract leverages the Microsoft Word capabilities that allows authors to create and edit contracts which significantly reduces barriers to user adoption and speeds time to value.


smartContract – Parallel Drafting & Review

smartContract – Contract Drafting Feature Benefits

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