Contract Request

Simple, Fast and Centralized Contract Request Forms

The contract process always starts with contract requests, which when handled efficiently, can offer up lucrative ideas and revenue opportunities.

But in today’s fast-paced world, where there are several mediums for communication, multiple conversations flowing simultaneously about a single project becomes challenging to decipher — lines get crossed, points get missed and contract lifecycles become unnecessarily extended for your HR and legal teams. Multiple that times the number of projects you’re working on, and it quickly becomes a headache.

smartContract’s centralized platform for contract requests allows organizations to efficiently automate their contract process. Our intuitive Contract Management Software built on SharePoint (SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online Add In) prioritizes contract requests based on the user defined criterions, enabling workflows that assist managers to quickly make decisions about which contracts to proceed with first.

smartContract enables users to quickly and easily create pre-approved contract drafts from their template libraries. With a dynamic work engine, one of the primary assets of smartContract, automated workflows are generated to bring in speed, discipline and efficiency to the CLM approval process.


smartContract – Contract Request Feature Benefits

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