Data Security

“My Contracts are not safe on Cloud”

Yes, we understand the predicament and concerns for leveraging a Cloud based application for managing and storing your contracts. But hey, even our financial information and banking details are on cloud today. As per the statistics below, on the “Applications Market Revenue Worldwide”, it is evident that there is a significant shift towards adopting a cloud based platform for Enterprise applications over traditional In-House implementations.

The growth in cloud subscriptions reflects the trend of many organizations stepping away from license and maintenance contracts with software providers, where the value derived from software updates and support can sometimes be outpaced by rising costs. Cloud subscriptions offer a more predictable but fully supported and maintained alternative to traditional pricing models, while bringing other benefits, such as improved mobility, security, and risk management.


smartContract Cloud not only provides a seamless & centralized – Contract Management Platform but also ensures that the highest levels of data security is implemented to provide the best user experience.

smartContract platform is powered by the leading TIER IV – CTRLS Data Center that is ISO – 20000-1, ISO – 22301, ISO – 27001 & NASSCOM (National Association of Software and service companies) certified. CTRLS is a trusted market leader in providing secure online storage services to several global organizations and international businesses. Moreover, any communication to and from the platform is encrypted using TLS with 128-bit AES and 256-bit SHA encryption.

smartContract – Data Center Security Features

smartContract platform also incorporates the feature of permission-based user access control. A users of the platform can explicitly define what other users can access or modify based on individual permissions. The platform also logs every action taken by each collaborating user with relevant information like date, time and changes to generate activity reports which can be audited. Another simple yet effective measure to provide another layer of security used by the platform is two-factor authentication. Apart from the login credentials, the user can also be mandated to input an OTP sent to him via an SMS or an Email to his/her registered account to access the platform. Put together, these multiple layers of security make the smartContract CLM, a safe and reliable platform for all your contract management requirements.