Here’s How It Works!

smartContract enables every stakeholder to collaborate on a standardized & centralized platform thereby ensuring enhanced productivity and efficiency at every stage of the “Contract Lifecycle Management”

Using contract lifecycle management, Legal departments can streamline their contract creation process by automating the drafting, review, and management of legal documents. smartContract offers the flexibility to automate a wide range of standard agreements while non-standard contracts can be routed to Legal for review using dynamic workflows, dramatically reducing elapse time & improving efficiency. Business users receive approved contracts more quickly, while the lawyers are able to focus on non-standard, high value matters.


smartContract organizes your Contracts, amendments, requests and related documentation into a single centralized repository so you have a central source of truth.

Instead of browsing through multiple screens to get information on your contracts, smartContract provides you with a dynamic & actionable dashboard with complete information on your Contract statuses, expiry, approvals, events & any related actionable. The dashboard has also an integrated “Free Text Search” functionality that allows you to search for any term, clause or any text within the executed Contracts or ongoing requests.


Dynamic Contract Repository

With a role based access to contract library, smartContract ensures that the right contract is made visible to the right person, anytime, anywhere. The Digital repository can be used to organize and pull up contracts based on multiple criterions & terms like Business Function, Contract Type, Activation Date or even by simple typing in some key words. What’s more, you can also extract the “Contract Meta Data” easily into an excel file, in just one click.




Dedicated Contract Workspace

Access the complete Contract information from a single, dedicated Contract Workspace, that provides a holistic view on the Contract Meta Data, Draft Versions & Amendment history, Supporting Documents uploaded, Contract Related Task assignments & statuses and Contractual Obligation – assignment & management. Action Log provides a complete information on the review and approval process throughout the lifecycle of the Contract with approver comments & changes made on contract drafts during the review process.



Self Service Contracts

Set up your own – Unlimited number of Contract Templates & Agreements & provide Business Users with a dedicated “Contract Request Portal” wherein they can select their desired “Contract Type”, fill in the required & basic details and auto-generate the Contract Draft in one click, without bothering Legal. What’s more, Users can also upload “Vendor Specific Contracts” and share it with Legal for review after management approvals.




Pre-defined or On-Demand Workflows

smartContract Admins can create and modify – “Review and Approval workflows” at any stage of the Contract Management process. Term based criterions can be added to fire specific Workflows with flexibility to provide users to add a workflow by themselves. Additionally, users can send a Contract Draft for review simultaneously to multiple users – “Parallel Drafting”, with system auto-merging all the changes by different reviewers onto a single unified draft with complete red-lining, change history and Contract comparisons.



Activity Wall

The “Activity Wall” keeps you notified & updated on all your assignments, reminders & activities by other team members on common contracts & activities. This panel provides a complete date-wise view of all the actionable, comments, draft and supporting document uploads that are shared by multiple users who have been working with you on various contracts & projects.




smartContract Mobile™

Now access your contracts, Review and approve on assignments and be notified on upcoming events & contract expirations on the go, using the smartContract Mobile App. This User friendly application is designed to provide all the features of the smartContract solution, easily accessible on your device.

Available on IOS & ANDRIOD Platforms


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