Negotiation & Execution

The Art Of Any Successful Deal Is Keeping Both Sides Abreast Of Content Instead Of Contentious. Smartcontract Helps Improve The Time & Effort It Takes To Get Both Internal And External Stakeholders To The Dotted Line.

Typical contract management software does not cover the negotiating phase of the contract lifecycle. Even if you were to buy an expensive subscription, you would not be given a tool for executing contract negotiation. Here, most organizations rely again on Word’s track changes, email, and documents saved on their desktops that enlarges problems of errors, security, and lengthy timeliness in moving the contract through it’s lifecycle.

smartContract provides negotiating tools like Party Portal, notes, audit trails, email notifications and messaging features all built into a single system that makes contract negotiation straightforward, quick, and accurate. Every time an edit is made to a document, a new version is saved and displayed in chronological order in a panel next to the document you are working with.


smartContract – Contract Drafting Feature Benefits

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