Take Your Business To New Heights Through Our Contract LifeCycle Management Software

Manage Contract Management Processes

A secured, role-based, searchable, and online repository of all your contracts for easy, anytime, and real-time access to your contracts.

Control What Is Being Written In Your Contracts

Our CLM software helps you Standardize your contracts with a controlled and approved clause library and templates. Establish the right accountability with a defined approval matrix.

Eliminate The Delays In Execution Of Your Contracts

A well define and rule-based workflow for task-oriented execution of activities at each phase of the contract lifecycle management software.

Mitigate The Risk in Contract Management

A structured approach for identification, review, approval, and mitigation planning to address potential risks in the contracts.

Comply with what has been committed Contracting & Compliance Software

A defined framework for capturing obligations, assigning responsibilities, and proactive monitoring to ensure compliance with the contractual terms.

SmartContract is an automated contract lifecycle management system that is designed to streamline & automate your end to end contract management– from contract request, authoring, negotiation, approval to ongoing obligation management, reporting and analysis – leading to standardization, transparency, compliance and control over your contract management processes.

Contract Management Software- smartContract leverages the technology to its best to handle the inherent complexities of Contracting processes and helps you take the chaos out of your contracts. With its machine learning capabilities, smartContract provides insights that help you make the right decisions at every stage of the contract life cycle. Explore the rich feature set that forever changes the way you manage contracts.