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SR TEKBOX is a software organization that is focused on powering business agility by providing out of the Box – solutions and that have enabled some of the most successful companies to improve their work productivity and professional growth. Our range of products, empower companies to respond quickly and decisively to vibrant market conditions thereby helping them achieve as well as maintain a competitive advantage.

A software technology company founded by Mr. Amit Garg, our current client base consists of many MNC’s and listed companies across India. No company is too large or small to reap the benefits of our comprehensive services. At SR TEKBOX we have the experience, the expertise, and the resources to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities that are associated with providing high quality IT solutions in the extremely competitive business environment of today.

For more information, log on to – www.srtekbox.com


Amit Garg
Managing Director

An IIT Alumni, Amit is a natural leader, a visionary and always an inspiration. When not working, Amit is Passionate about Drama & Theater and has also many plays accredited to his name, as an Actor and Director

Vipin Paliwal
Associate Director- Product Delivery and Services

Affectionately called the “Techie Guy”, Vipin always comes up with out of the box solution to any problem. A technology buff, Vipin dearly loves his Wife & his two beautiful daughters. He is also madly in love with Chicken.

Yogendra Malav
Director- Product Management

The Mock Up Master, Yogendra is a straight forward client-product specialist. He comes from an excellent SQL coding background. He enjoys parties and When on stage, Yogendra is a singer too.


Rajesh Thapliyal
Senior Project Manager

Rajesh brings a lot of experience and value to the team. He is a devoted techie by profession, and by heart, he is a cricket lover. We usually call him Troubleshooter.

Akhil Arora
Lead Product Consultant

Always making us proud in front of the Clients, Akhil has been remarkable to manage projects & solution implementations with ease. A great orator, Akhil is one of the most precious assets of our team.