smartContract leverages the technology to its best to handle the inherent complexities of Contracting processes and helps you take the chaos out of your contracts. With its machine learning capabilities, smartContract- a contract management software provides insights that help you make the right decisions at every stage of the contract life cycle. Explore the rich feature set that forever changes the way you manage contracts.

Online Contract Management

  • Online and Secured library of all Executed Contracts
  • Role Based Access to Contracts
  • Business Unit and Contract Type wise Segregation of Access Rights
  • Structured and Free Text Search of Contracts
  • Unlimited Metadata fields and tagging of Contracts
  • OCR based information extraction and search of scanned contracts
  • Hierarchical view of Contracts/Amendments/Renewals with parent-child relationship

Automated Contract Management System

  • Standardization of Contract Request Forms
  • Contract type-wise Configuration of Request Forms
  • Unlimited fields for Information gathering
  • Collection of Supporting Documents on Contract Requests
  • Real-time visibility of Contract Request Status
  • Auto and optimized assignment of Requests to the Legal team based on workload and other customizable rules end to end contract management

Automation System

  • Rule based workflow for each stage of the Contracting Process
  • Sequential and Parallel workflows
  • Multi-level approvals and reviews
  • Adhoc and on-demand approvals and reviews
  • Tracking, Monitoring, and Escalations of Workflow tasks
  • Email/Mobile app notifications of workflow tasks
  • Approval/Rejections directly over emails

Smart Drafting and Review

  • Central Repository of Templates
  • Clause Library of Standard/Alternative clauses with preferred/fallback/walkaway position
  • Approval for Clause library and Template updates
  • Intuitive Draft creation using Templates/Clause library
  • Auto generation of Draft using smart template and smart fields
  • Clause wise review and approvals during drafting
  • Drafting collaboration with parallel drafting and auto merging of changes by users
  • Draft versions management
  • Drafts comparison and tracking of changes
  • Audit Trail of all activities performed during the contract life-cycle
  • Easy and intuitive interface with MS Word

Streamlined Negotiations

  • Auto tracking of communication with contracting party i.e. vendor & contract management simultaneously
  • Easy and foolproof view and tracking of changes in party draft
  • Easy comparison of party draft with original draft
  • Secured portal to present draft to party for review, negotiation, and approval

Contract Risk Management & Compliance

  • Deviation/Risk Tracking – Party Position, Company Position, Legal Remarks
  • Deviation approval based on the risk exposure and type
  • Options to define mitigation plans against identified Deviations/Risks
  • Assignment of mitigation plans during the tenure of the contract
  • Tracking and monitoring of Risks/Mitigation plans
  • Analysis of Deviations/Risks/Mitigation plans

Efficient Execution

  • Customized Execution workflow with execution tasks and notifications
  • E-signature integration with Docusign, Hello sign, and other platforms
  • Aadhar based E-signature integration
  • Storage of signed Contracts in Central Repository with relevant metadata fields

Proactive Obligation Management

  • Capturing of Contractual obligations – Milestones, Deliverable’s, Statutory, Events
  • Assignment of obligation responsibilities
  • Auto tracking of recurring obligations
  • Obligation compliance tracking, and capturing of obligation status
  • Obligation management using workflow, reporting, and analysis

Machine Learning and Analytics

  • Clause wise usage Insights including negotiation ranking of each clause
  • Template wise usage Insights including negotiation ranking of each clause in the template
  • Risks Suggestions based on the previously identified risks
  • Clause approval suggestions based on the previous clause approvals
  • Auto suggestion of standard clauses during the contract review


  • Anywhere and anytime access to contracts
  • Review and Approval from Mobile App
  • Instant Notifications
  • Available on Android/iOS